What does the immediate future hold for sustainable practices and renewable energy here and abroad? We have seen major moves towards a sustainable future in recent years and 2021 is tipped to be one of the biggest in history for households, businesses and governments around the world. We can expect a movement that brings us closer to becoming a united, carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly society.

We have collated interesting expert reports and research to present the four biggest changes you can expect in 2021.

The forecast for renewable energy

The International Energy Agency has prepared its outlook for 2021 and it predicts that renewable electricity capacity will increase again after a lean 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic and record increases in 2018 and 2019 meant that 2020 saw a 13 per cent decline, which was the first downward trend since 2000.

The IEA predicts that we will bounce back from that in 2021 and reach the same levels of renewable capacity additions as 2019. It’s likely it will even exceed that for a new record capacity.

Sustainability will move from being optional to essential

As more and more businesses transition to renewable energy sources, mostly solar power, it is reaching a tipping point where companies have to also adopt cheaper, greener energy in order to stay competitive.

Research shows that over half the global total capacity will be wind and solar by 2035, so adopting sustainable energy sources will become more and more of a priority for businesses.

It is already essential for consumers, with 90 per cent more likely to purchase from a company that has sustainable practices and is transparent about it. No business can afford to potentially alienate 90 per cent of its target market and solar installations are likely to ramp up on businesses this year and beyond.

Further commitment towards a net-zero future

Achieving a carbon net-zero future by 2050 is being driven by governments, but it needs business to buy in to be successful.

Because of the reasons stated above, this is going to a priority for businesses and there will be more focus on discovering carbon footprints, putting measures in place to offset these emissions, and creating more sustainable work practices.

Electric cars will gain traction (again)

The electric car has existed since way back in 1884 when English inventor Thomas Parker –  who also electrified the London Underground –  rolled out the first production car of its type.

For various reasons, the electric car has not taken off over the years but recent investment from global giants like Tesla and Volkswagen – and the advances in technology and performance – have made the modern electric vehicle hugely viable again.

It has been tipped that 2021 will be the year that electric cars will truly boom with an additional 4.4 million EVs set to hit the roads around the world – almost half of the existing fleet of 10 million.

Which of these trends are you looking forward to the most?

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