3D Systems has announced the addition of a new High Speed Fusion 3D printing platform developed in collaboration with Jabil.

The additive manufacturing pioneer has unveiled it will be introducing a new family of products including the Roadrunner 3D printer promising “the best economics of any high throughput industrial fused-filament offering in the market today” and accompanying materials portfolio.

While the machine itself is still under wraps, application and materials developments are said to have been happening for over a year now and 3D Systems proposes aerospace and automotive as key target markets for applications including direct printing of end-use parts such as interiors, ducting, tooling and fixtures, and prototyping. 

Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO, 3D Systems said: “Our investments in this solution, and collaboration with Jabil, will allow our customers to increase productivity and performance by using additive manufacturing with a hardware, software, and materials platform that is uniquely designed for the rigours and requirements of an industrial setting. The value proposition, which we believe is compelling, will open new markets for our company that are estimated to be over $400 million, with the promise of new markets, beyond these current opportunities, as the economics of this new technology platform are fully demonstrated.”

The company says its HSF technology seeks to overcome the constraints of current polymer deposition processes including high production costs and low throughput. Listing its key benefits, the Roadrunner aims to provide the “highest deposition rates combined with the best dimensional precision of any standard industrial class of fused filament platform”, “lowest landed part cost without sacrificing part quality” and the ability to process a range of high-peformance and high-temperature materials such as ULTEM and PA CF. Shipments are expected to begin in 2022.

“We are proud of the progress the Jabil and 3D Systems teams have made and the ability of this solution to overcome the historical system and sub-system level limitations of current market offerings,” said John Dulchinos, Vice President, 3D printing and digital manufacturing, Jabil. “Jabil understands the needs of a large-scale manufacturing environment and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with 3D Systems to make this new system available to the marketplace while also using it within our own factories.”

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