Yet more reports concerning Apple’s biggest top secret but everyone knows about them projects, Apple Car and Apple’s AR mixed-reality headset appeared this week – Apple watchers are looking at interesting times…

Your life on television

The Information claims to have seen internal Apple images of a late-stage prototype from around 2020 and has published a raft of claims concerning the company’s mixed-reality headset plans, and while they will be deeply alluring to consumer markets, enterprise users must also pay attention.

We know Apple has been working on this for years, but some highlights in this latest report include:

  • Over a dozen cameras for tracking hand movement and for showing video of the surroundings.
  • UHD 8K displays
  • Advanced eye-tracking technology. (This has been reported before).
  • Controls may extend to gesture and eye movements.
  • Priced around $3,000.
  • Not this year – report claims 2022.
  • And this thing may never ship at all, the report also warns.

Physically, these things may have a curved visor, wrap to your face with some form of mesh, and boast swappable headbands. Reading between the lines, it sounds as if you’ll be able to wear these things in daily life, experiencing your surroundings in some kind of on-screen video feed.

The report has claimed some form of Digital Crown device on these goggles. I imagine this may be necessary to adjust the focus of these glasses so they can be adjusted to suit people’s vision – lots of people are long- and short-sighted, after all.

The report doesn’t make such a claim, but it’s hard not to imagine it. And if you can adjust these glasses to suit your vision, at what point in the technology development journey might they replace spectacles?

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