Just as it did last year, Apple is pressing forward with even more big plans for 2021. Here’s what we think you can expect from the company this year.

Macs and Apple Silicon

Apple has really accomplished something with its move to Apple Silicon inside Macs. These machines have generated incredibly positive reviews, and the company will inevitably address any rough edges moving forward.

Apple will continue to develop its M-series chips; 16-core, 24-core and 32-core chips will appear across the Mac range over the next couple of years as the company moves toward Macs based on a 3-nanometer (nm) process architecture.

The company is also preparing to implement new features in Macs. Because it pays less cash per chip for M-series processors than it does for Intel-based Macs, the company has an opportunity to both reduce prices and exploit new technologies.

This year we’re expecting Apple to begin its migration to mini-LED displays in Macs, starting with a new and redesigned 16-in. MacBook Pro, the latter likely around fall as the company moves to field its own processors inside pro Macs.

Apple is also expected to introduce the first M-series 23-in. iMacs this year, perhaps featuring an anticipated new design for the post-Ive era, which will likely reflect the design of an iPad.

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