American Banknote Corporation (ABCorp) has added automated inspection capabilities from SolutionIX and industrial dyeing capabilities from Girbau at its Boston-based Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC).

The AMC, which forms part of ABCorp’s 125,000 square-foot facility, was opened in January 2021 and is equipped with multiple HP Jet Fusion 5210 and Jet Fusion 580 full-colour 3D printing systems. Established to support the company’s contract manufacturing services to the access, authentication and payments sectors, the AMC is able to produce parts in HP 3D High Reusability PA 12, BASF Ultrasint TPU01, HP 3D High Reusability PP enabled by BASF, and full-colour HP 3D High Reusability CB PA 12. The centre also includes AMT’s PostPro3D smoothing system.

ABCorp has sought to add the SolutionIX C500 with GeoMagic ControlX software and Girbau DY130 system to enhance its 3D printing offerings. The SolutionIX C500 is an automated inspection and reverse engineering solutions that scans with an accuracy down to .01mm and streamlines First Article Inspections, while the DY130 is an automated dyeing system that is said to deliver consistent colour for Jet Fusion parts. ABCorp believes the addition of these capabilities will allow it to better calibrate part tolerances and deliver a more customised end product.

“Similar to qualifying an injection mould, we can dial in the MJF 5210 process to a customer’s needs through printing, inspecting and modifying the model and deliver unparalleled part quality in a highly secure environment,” commented Neil Glazebrook, VP of 3D Solutions at ABCorp. “And dyeing is an industry staple for MJF parts but can be messy and inconsistent. The Girbau DY130 allows us to offer an automated dyeing system with superior and consistent quality at a competitive price.”

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