For those of us looking to sell our clothes, we’re often disheartened by the lengthy, multi-step process to do so. If you’re looking to be sustainable with recycling used clothing, the process can seem too long and difficult. 

When you’re a mom, you might find that the clothes-selling process is never-ending because kids outgrow their clothes so quickly. Listing, packaging, and shipping your clothes for sale is a hassle, and sometimes selling clothes on your own (and dealing with packaging and shipping fees) means that you aren’t making much money at all. 

You may be wondering if there’s an easier way, and that’s why we decided to write a Flyp review! While there are multiple apps for selling clothes, one of the best options is Flyp. Here’s what you need to know about this helpful platform!

What is Flyp?

Flyp is a clothes-selling application. It is meant to relieve the seller of all the hassle of the selling process. The app connects you to one of several Pro Sellers. These Pro Sellers are knowledgeable about the world of selling clothes, and are able to make the clothes selling process much easier for you. When you connect with a Pro Seller, they will handle all areas of selling:  dealing with buyers, setting the price, and even packing and shipping. 

To begin the Flyp process, you first take pictures of the clothing you’re trying to sell and create a “Lot”. Once you’re connected with a Pro Seller, you’ll ship your clothes (for free!) to the Pro Seller, who will then deal with the rest of the selling process. After your connection, you’re basically hands-free. The Pro Seller takes care of everything, and when it’s done, you’ll get paid. 

What Can I Sell on Flyp?

Flyp sells name brand and designer brand clothing. Accessories that are also name brand or designer brand, such as purses and shoes, can also be sold on the application. Generic brands, over-worn, stained, or torn clothing cannot be sold on Flyp. 

This means that Target brands, Forever21, Justice, and Old Navy can’t be resold on the app. However, for those of us with picky kids who only wear trending clothes, or those of us who prefer name brands, our clothes are easily resold on Flyp. Brands like Lululemon, Kate Spade, Nike, True Religion, Abercrombie, and J. Crew are all able to be resold on Flyp. 

Perks of Flyp

Easy Payment Process

When selling clothes on your own, the process can be long and tedious. Whether you’re a working mom looking to make easy money, or a sustainability-minded person looking to recycle, trying to make money while selling clothes is not easy. Flyp simplifies this process by a lot. 

The process goes a bit like this:  when you give the clothes over to the Pro Seller to sell, they take about 1-3 weeks to sell your clothes. After the clothes are sold, the Pro Seller will pay you directly to your account on the app. You can either keep money in the app, or you can connect your bank account and transfer the money over to your account, completely securely. 

You’ll make about 70% of the profit off what is sold, since the Pro Seller will receive a cut for their time and effort. However, the simplicity of the process combined with not having to pay shipping and packaging fees makes using Flyp a lot more beneficial than selling clothes on your own. 


For those of us with kids or just a lot of stuff, clutter is a huge issue. Trying to find a place for clothes that are out of season, don’t fit right, or are in that “well maybe I’ll wear it…” category is time-consuming, space-taking, and overall just frustrating. Flyp offers the user a way to declutter their space without the hassle of doing it themselves. 


Selling clothes is an easy way to practice sustainability. Being green isn’t just recycling cardboard and producing less trash–it’s also recycling your clothes and accessories. Trying to be sustainable by selling clothes for reuse seems like a great idea, but when you start the process, it isn’t so easy, and it takes a lot of time. 

Flyp lets you be sustainable by reselling your clothes. The fact that Flyp resells your clothes for you is helpful with sustainability on its own, but Flyp goes a step further. If your clothes aren’t sold through the app, one of several things can happen:

First, you can have your clothes mailed back to you. This way, you could take your clothes and donate them to a thrift store or even to a textile recycling company. Or, Flyp offers to donate the clothes on your behalf (and in your name). This way the clothes aren’t just sitting in one place, and you don’t have to deal with the donation process.A third option Flyp offers is to buy the clothes off you, and sell it themselves. This way, you no longer have to worry about the clothes and you get paid at least a portion of what you would have sold it for. 

All of these options make for a great way to practice sustainability. 


Finally, Flyp’s main plus is that it’s extremely convenient. From the payment process, to the selling process, to the packaging and shipping process, everything is streamlined, simplified, and basically not your problem. Using the app means that everything is put in the hands of a Pro Seller, and you don’t have to deal with all the hassle of selling your clothes. 

Sell Your Used Clothes – Hassle-Free!

Flyp is a great way to sell your clothes without the difficulty and complications of doing it all on your own. Everything about it makes the process a lot easier, and that makes your life a lot simpler. However, if you don’t have mainly name-brand or designer clothing, it probably won’t work well for you.

Hopefully, this Flyp review has helped you decide whether or not the platform will work for your clothes-selling needs!