This morning (10am JST) I joined Jamie Robertson and Erin Delmore at BBC Business Matters..I t has been exactly one month since I joined last time.  As it is live show, we find out stories which will be discussed few hours before.

This time the topics were electric grid in Texas, Trump making public speech at CPAC and  AI and Military.  The third topic was interesting as it is quite critical, and yet, I was torn between the need to invest in AI and the future rather scary scenario of AI use for military purposes.

As these topics were rather gloomy, Jamie tried to turn to something brighter, but we ended up discussing mental health and pandemic.  I shared the story of sharp increase of suicide cases of young Japanese women and the report related to the productivity of WFH in Japan.  In particular, the ratio of people who say productivity has gone down is so high in Japan, compared with the US,. This is very worrying, together with the reasons cited.  Erin shares her findings about serious impact of Covid-19 on women for job.  (Same is in Japan. and I feel that women empowerment has regressed about  a decade or so due to Covid-19.)  It is rather ironic that International Women’s Day is coming up in less than a week.

We also discussed the vaccine situation and I felt that Japan is so much behind of other advanced economies.  (With elderly expected to be vaccinated by the end of June, hosting Olympics will be a serious concern.)

So we stayed rather gloomy throughout the show, but we hope we will see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon. (It is rainy and cloudy in Tokyo, which does not lift my spirit!)  You can listen to the show here.