I listened to the audio book entitled “Beginner’s Mind” by Yo-Yo Ma.  He is one of my favorite artists.  I love strings, my No. 1 choice is viola, but I like cello almost as much as viola.  It is rare? to find viola solo, so I tend to listen to either string quartet or cello.  This is the audible original and Yo-Yo Ma narrates and plays several pieces of music himself.

I have heard Yo-Yo Ma (I believe I heard him live few times), but did not know much about his background.  He talks about his parents, and early days as well as his career as professional artists.  It is relatively short little over 1 hour, and beautiful.

 I am listening to audio books before I go to sleep these days.  This is my way of securing the undistracted time for reading.  As I wrote before, I love the one narrated by the authors themselves.  (Barak Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden) as their narration is so much more personal.

Now I need to find a new book. (I am at the tail end of the audio book entitled “Algorithm to live”, which is taking a bit longer than I had expected.  The trick about audio book is to try to finish within a reasonable amount of time, so that you can follow the structure of the book.