NEW DELHI: Fixed broadband provider Spectra said that it is aiming to double its enterprise customer base in the country with the help of a bouquet of connectivity services including network as a service, security, managed Wi-Fi and SD-WAN.

The company is also aiming to achieve Rs 200 crore within this fiscal year after experiencing disruption due to Covid-led lockdown and work from home policies of its enterprise customers. “We did Rs 200 crore last year. We have been impacted this year and the financial goal is to get back on track and achieve similar numbers,” Spectra chief executive Udit Mehrotra told ET.

“Our goal is to continue to grow our base 100% year-on-year. We believe there is an opportunity and the market is large enough. The services that we offer have enough potential as business requirements aren’t going to go away,” he said

Mehrortra said that network as a service is a new emerging space. “We have seen our revenues from the network as a service more than double in 12 months. We doubled the customer base as well. B2B business is the majority contributor towards our revenues.”

Gurugram-based company, formerly known as Spectranet, currently offers its enterprise connectivity service and solutions in over 30 cities, while its home broadband business is limited to Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. It serves over 10,000 businesses and over 20,000 home broadband customers.

Mehrotra said that Spectra is expanding its footprints in new cities through its partnerships with telecom operators, LCOs and local fiber players. “Fiber deployment is challenging in India thereby we are taking the partnership route.”

“The demand has gone beyond bandwidth in India. We design solutions as per their requirement. We are continuously learning about customers and business partners. We have evolved from fiber to network as a service provider,” he said.

Mehrortra said that the company saw a spurt in its home broadband business after the March-lockdown but the growth has flattened. “Our B2C approach is more selective since we are a high value service provider. We are focused on providing high speed broadband service.

Spectra is largely focusing on SMEs and startups to drive growth. “We are serving a life insurance company across 40-50 cities and a startup in 20 cities. We serve them irrespective of our fiber footprint,” he added.