In an hour or so this evening, we will start SINCA online session #3 for the year 2021.  The topic is “Share with us the person you like/want to work with/emulate”.  I hope we will hear interesting and fun stories. My blog entry has some video on story telling.  We will again have several high school students and plan to form breakout rooms so that we can have interaction between different age groups.

At some point of the session, I plan to talk a bit about the Sansan Evolution week session I moderated with Minister Audrey Tang of Taiwan Thursday morning.   One of great ideas I heard from Audrey was bridging very young people (16-17 years of age) and elderly (60s 70s) and let each group to have specific roles.  The participants this evening do not include the second group,(except me!)  as they are probably in 30s/40s .but good intergenerational communication/collaboration will take place, I hope.

I host Online Idobata zoom session every Sunday with my friends who are in the same age groups as I am (i.e. Audrey’s “old” generation) and often find interesting patterns of their activities.  I personally think it is a good idea to interact with people from different age groups/different nationalities etc.   Let us hope this evening’s SINCA session is exciting to fit the concept of White Day!