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New Wind Power Capacity in the Asia Pacific in 2020

  1. China – 52,000 MW*
  2. India – 1,119 MW
  3. Australia – 1,097 MW
  4. Japan – 449 MW
  5. Kazakhstan – 300 MW
  6. South Korea – 160 MW
  7. Vietnam – 125 MW
  8. New Zealand – 103 MW
  9. Sri Lanka – 88 MW
  10. Taiwan – 74 MW
  11. Pakistan – 48 MW

Top 5 Wind Markets the Asia Pacific for Cumulative Capacity

  1. China – 288,320 MW*
  2. India – 38,625 MW
  3. Australia – 7,296 MW
  4. Japan – 4,336 MW
  5. South Korea – 1,648 MW

*Initial Data

About the Global Wind Report 2021

On 25 March, GWEC will release its 16th flagship Global Wind Report, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the global wind industry through the latest market data, country profiles, trends and analysis from GWEC Market Intelligence. It is the most trusted publication globally for wind energy insights on current market status and the future of the industry.

The theme of this year’s report is ‘Wind energy’s role on the road to net zero’. The report will look at the growing trend of countries and regions to announce net zero targets as the world ramps up its commitments and actions to head of the threat of catastrophic climate change, and as major investors and private sector companies follow suit and declare their own targets around carbon neutrality.

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About GWEC

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is a member-based organisation that represents the entire wind energy sector. The members of GWEC represent over 1,500 companies, organisations and institutions in more than 80 countries, including manufacturers, developers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies. See more:


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