I received a birthday card (my birthday is tomorrow) from my host parents in the US. They always remember my birthday and send me the card.  I was happy to receive the card,  as it shows that they are doing fine. (Both of them are in 80s and now lives in the assisted living facilities.)

I opened the card, assuming the news from the US, but to my surprise, the card describes that their son and his family are infected with Covid-19.

My host parents received vaccine and now can have visitors at their place after almost a year.  They say, however, their eldest son, Scott, who went to the Darden School (as I did ) and went on to work for McKinsey (I believe) had severe case.  His other family members, though they are infected, too, had mild cases.

All of a sudden, I realize how scary and deadly Covid-19 could be.   I trust Scott is now OK, but now I realize the magnitude of Covid-19 in the US.  (After all, more than half a million people died, much more than those who died during the world wars 1 and 2 and Vietnam war combined!)

It is difficult to feel the magnitude just by hearing the numbers and watching the news from overseas, unless you have cases in your vicinity.  I sometimes talk with my friends in Japan that we lack sense of urgency and reality of Covid-19 simply because we have none around us.  It is global pandemic and even with vaccine available, it still is with us.