I managed to reserve the spot for Covid-19 vaccination in Tokyo next week (first round) through large scale vaccination program operated? by Self Defense Forces.  I had tried to reserve the spot through Setagaya ward office where I live on the first day  last week I became qualified (age group). After some unsuccessful login attempt through website, what I was able to reserve was the spot in mid July and early August!  (I could not believe these dates  and thought this must be a joke, as I had heard that PM Suga kept saying that the elder could finish two-round of vaccination by the end of July!)  After my own experience, I found out that there is quite a bit of variation? depending upon the local government as some cities such as Kyoto enabled home doctor to give shots.

I was so frustrated by the time line of July and August and explored other options.  I had found that some vaccine tourism is available in some cities such as NYC and some in California.

In the meantime, this large-scale vaccination program began and I tried it this morning.  After some waiting, I was able to reserve the spot next week.  I hear the date for the second round is to be informed when I get the first shot.

I see that attempt for reservation reached over 20,000 in Tokyo in the first 45 minutes, while in Osaka, 25,000 in 10 minutes to reach the capacity.  As no calls were were accepted this time, the trouble I heard so often before seemed to be somewhat resolved.

Now we will see how smoothly the actual vaccination takes place.