Recently I came across a few incidents which make difference in lifestyle. The first one is my discovery of how my friends gather information.  I have been very impressed with the depth and breadth of the knowledge my friend has and asked her what she does.  It turned out that her previous job of sales (she is now semi-retired) required her to have bit of information about so many things when she meets with the customers.  So she made it a rule to read the paper in detail (rather than just headings etc.) and pick some shows she find interesting.  She says that even though she retired from sales job, it is her routine to read newspaper in detail.  She is also the kind of person that visits museums, exhibitions etc. etc. now that she has time.  She also says that she has network of friends-those she used to work with i,e. many male friends, groups that share her interest (fun friends)  and her young family members who know what is of interest among the genZ.

I often talk about the need to have diverse information sources (with emphasis on those in English, not just Japanese.)  I am not sure how much of her information network includes those in English (I suspect it may not be much), but the variety of her information sources is so rich. that she can talk about almost anything with any body.  (She also has a lot to say, too, because she is so knowledgeable with many different things.)

This leads me to believe that it is nice to have many things to talk about, and that it is possible when you are versatile.  I came across with some people that have so little to talk about.  Sometimes it is because they are modest and do not feel that they have interesting things to talk about.  I firmly believe that everybody has a story to tell (as I often say) and it is just a matter of whether you will share your views and your preferences with others or not.

From these two encounters, I am reminded of the need to keep curiosity to find out new things AND to describe so that others can follow. Sharing your story, or rather having something you can share, is very important to make your life and others life richer and more fun.