I often say “Do something new/different every day however small it may be.” during my talk/seminar often on innovation and transformation.   I try not only to suggest this action, but try to do it myself as I believe in Do as I do rather than Do as I say, (unlike some politicians who keep doing Do as I say, but not Do what they preach), I also suggest structuring your day would go a long way in getting things done. i.e. set up some routine or habit.

Recently I find myself follow some routine (though I DO something new everyday, whether it is changing the order of things, etc.)  The problem about routine is you become absent minded while doing  routine activity as you do NOT think.

That is the condition I find myself sometimes these days, during daily workout and/or activities I do in the morning-such as making coffee, protein smoothie, etc. in the fixed order and with same ingredients!   I was getting a bit worried as I was afraid I might be losing! and was wondering what I should do.

This morning when I was listening to podcast, Fresh Air interview with Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon, who just published the book “Keep sharp, build a better brain at any age.” He talked about the role of stress such as Covid-19 affecting our brain. “You need stress to stimulate our thinking, but relentless stress could hurt you.”  This sounds quite true.

What I found very interesting and helpful for my situation, however, was his remarks “Doing something new or different could keep your brain sharp.”   I thought it was good support for my suggestion of doing something new or different no matter how small it is and how young you are.

You can listen to the podcast here.  His book is here. (I found the audiobook is available!)