An eco-friendly kitchen starts with eating green. However, energy-efficient cleaning habits and food preparation, dodging toxic chemicals and making use of equipment manufactured from sustainable materials are equally important if you want your space to have an eco-friendly vibe. By making smarter choices, you can save money and you help protect the planet.

Here are a few eco-friendly kitchen design ideas for your cooking space:

Long-Lasting Eco-Friendly Utensils and Cookware

Purchase utensils and cookware that are designed to last f or more than a few weeks.

Teflon-based products for example, must go. Although there’s still a lot of buzz on the health hazards of non-sticky surfaces, Teflon has limited uses and a short life span. Instead, opt for cast iron, ceramic, or stainless steel cookwares. Even though these items may seem a bit expensive, a top-quality skillet made of cast iron will last for years.

As for utensils, it’s always a better idea to opt for quality; cheap items eventually rot or melt and they tend to gather lots of chemicals. Look for high-quality wood (like bamboo) or metal products.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Today’s modern eco-friendly kitchen shouldn’t just look nice; it should also be comfortable and fresh.

Many of today’s newest appliances are energy-efficient, including dishwashers that use less water as well as refrigerators and freezers with ENERGY STAR ratings. As for stoves, many homeowners don’t know whether to opt for an electric or gas stove. A lot of homeowners consider that gas stoves are a much better alternative because the temperature is easier to control. The greenest electric stoves are the ones with induction elements, because they transfer electro-magnetic energy straight into the pan.

Eco-Friendly Remodeling 

Recycling and reclaiming is an affordable, eco-friendly way of revamping your kitchen.

Look for antique or salvaged items, kitchen paneling, fittings, flooring material, and cabinets from a previous home. If you’re tired of your old things, consider trading them in or reusing the materials instead of just throwing them away. Reclaimed materials have multiple purposes; you can use the wood from an old cabinet to make kitchen shelves, or even better, a brand new kitchen island. It’s all about putting your imagination to good use.

If you don’t want to use reclaimed materials, you can always turn to other green options. For example, green countertops manufactured from recycled paper, cork or bamboo flooring, and eco-friendly paint for cabinets are excellent ideas. Painted kitchens have the greatest impact, and even though you’re just changing colors, the end result will totally add a new vibe into your cooking space.

Smart Eco-Friendly Decorating

Sometimes the simplest décor ideas can have the greatest impact.

Eco-friendly kitchens should scream liveliness and comfort. Have you ever thought of adding flower pots into your cooking space? Purchase seeds and plant them in cute DIY pots (use former jars and other ingenious ideas to keep things green) and plant herbs that you can always use when cooking. Rosemary, thyme, basil, and cilantro are amazing ideas. These plants won’t just greenefy your kitchen, they’ll also give you a more relaxing atmosphere while adding to the décor.

Go for an Eco-Friendly Backsplash

Not many people pay attention to their kitchen’s backsplash. This limited wall space above your countertop should look just as good as the rest of your kitchen, so why leave it empty when you can use eco-friendly design to bring it to life?

Paint is the most affordable and simplest option for revamping a backsplash. Recycled colored glass doesn’t cost that much and you can use it to add a bit of flair to your walls or use it for the entire backsplash in place of tile. Of course, if you have a bigger budget available, use stainless steel. The final result will definitely turn some heads around.

There are endless eco-friendly ideas homeowners can use to revamp their kitchens. Some don’t cost a thing, while for others you may have to invest a few hundred dollars. The simplest way of redesigning a space/room is with paint. Changing the color of your cabinets and walls creates impact; and if you include new decorations you have the highest chances of converting an old-fashioned kitchen into the most beautiful room of the house. All you need is a bit of imagination to get started!