It goes without saying that the majority of our unique visitors come to TCT Magazine to read the latest news and get the latest industry analysis and opinion. Advertisers can now leverage this demand with native advertising, also known as sponsored content. In fact, if you’re reading this article then you already know that it works!

Native advertising is high-quality editorial crafted to engage our audience, increase brand awareness and position your brand as a thought-leader. It is designed to match the look and feel of a regular editorial piece and lives within our regular news and article feeds. Sponsored content is not just a great way of positioning your organisation as a potential solution for industry challenges. It can also be used to position a company, or figurehead as an authority within a particular subject or problem area. This means it is a great tool for new product launches or helping to establish your business at the heart of a hot topic.

Unlike standard content, which is replaced as new updates are published, native advertising sits within these sections for 30 days. It may be slightly more promotional in tone than standard editorial or it may present customer case studies or thought-leadership pieces.

You can also target specific sections of the site to pre-qualify your potential audience and improve likelihood of engagement.

How it works:

  1. You provide the content that you wish to deploy. You may supply 1,000 words with up to three images, you may include video content, contact information and useful links to downloadable assets such as whitepapers, websites and social media platforms.
  2. A member of our content team will edit your submission to bring it in line with our standards, or, for an additional fee, we will create the content on your behalf.
  3. We launch your story into the specified section or sections of our site.
  4. Social push for the story on our social channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  5. Inclusion in our newsletter for an additional fee.
  6. Our team will create a report detailing the performance of your program, so you see your investment at work.

Talk to us about how a TCT Magazine native content article can help your business and organisational needs by contacting us here.