The Adapt range of headsets is aimed at office professionals wanting the best performance with the versatility to work everywhere, which is especially important with companies looking to change the way people work, in the office, at home and on the go.

The Epos Adapt 165, at first glance, looks like the kind of headset you would see in a call centre, but in fact, is a lot more flexible and versatile than I first realised.

The almost all-black design is smart but inconspicuous, with small text and a logo on the headset that looks good without standing out.

The 165 adopts a sleeker, more minimalist aesthetic compared to most modern headsets, making it extremely easy to fold down, store, carry and use anywhere.

The Adapt 165 can even be used with mobile devices on the go

It’s thin and compact with dimensions of just 7.64 inches x 6.18 inches x 2.28 inches and it weighs an incredibly light 97 grams. The low weight is due to plastic material, but the build quality was more robust than I expected. I would still worry about just throwing it in my bag with a laptop or any other heavy gear in case it got damaged.

The ear cups sit on the ear rather than over like most headsets. They are covered in a leatherette material, so they remain comfortable for prolonged use and don’t put any pressure on the ears or cause them to sweat.

The thin and lightweight headband was barely noticeable and didn’t clamp down like some headsets making these some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn.

In addition, while wearing the Adapt 165 you can also still be aware of your surroundings, due to the rotatable ear cups and the on-ear design. It’s handy if you are in the office or at home and need to be aware of what is going on around you, which is especially handy when working from home while the kids are off school.

The microphone boom arm is very discreet, giving you control of where your sound comes from without being bulky or obstructive and looked fine on camera.

For connectivity, the Adapt 165 offers two options. Firstly, you can connect via USB and make use of the inline controls, or secondly, you can connect them via a 3.5mm jack for simple plug and play and use with most standard devices like your phone, meaning they can be swapped out and used on various devices.

This headset is wired, so you don’t need to worry about battery life and this still gives the best, lag-free audio experience which is essential for meetings, though it does keep you pinned to the spot which can feel clunky at times.

The inline controls help streamline your call management, allowing you to easily access Answer/End/Redial Call, Volume Up / Volume Down and Microphone Mute at the touch of a button.

These controls are fully detachable if you do not need them or want to use them.

Microsoft Teams can also be launched by simply clicking a dedicated button on call control for those times when you need to quickly jump into that next meeting or if, like me, you are always running late to the next call.

Headset on white background
The headset features a sleek, minimal design that is both stylish and comfortable

The sound quality is brilliant with plenty of detail and balanced tones, but the bass seemed a little weaker. Nevertheless, you can use the Adapt 165 for both business and pleasure and kick back after a long day of meetings, catchups, conferences with some music, films, and podcasts.

The Adapt 165 also features Active Guard Technology which protects you from acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts, offering some peace of mind knowing you’re not going to be bombarded with a sudden jarring noise.

The Epos Voice microphone is double-sided so you can wear it on either side. Impressive noise-cancelling really helps filter out unwanted noise in the background and isolate your voice, giving remarkably accurate, clear and crisp audio.

While I was on calls, other recipients couldn’t hear my son yelling, the washing machine or any other background noise which kept them focused on my voice.


The Epos Sennheiser Adapt 165 USB II is more impressive than its appearance would have you believe and is a great companion for home office meetings, or for your smartphone in a pinch.

It combines a sleek if delicate design with that superb Epos audio quality. However, the lack of active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation through ear cups covering your ears means I wouldn’t use them on the go or in a busy coffee shop for too long.

However, I personally prefer to use my Epos GTX 270 earbuds for when I’m on the go and my chunkier Epos GSP 302’s when I’m at my desktop, but the comfort due to the lightweight design of the Adapt 165 does make it better for longer periods of wear, I could wear the headphones all day and almost forget they were there. They also worked well so well when I still needed to be able to hear what’s going on around me.

The Adapt 165 is convenient when you’re travelling light, offering an agile headset with that breath-taking Epos sound as well as brilliant microphone quality that will help you stand out and be heard.

The Epos Sennheiser Adapt 165 USB-C II is out now, RRP £70