Gaming headsets have gone from being luxury item to a much needed necessity for gamers today. A good headset will enhance your experience by providing a realistic representation of your environment, allowing for a greater understanding of your virtual surroundings. This has an abundance of benefits like improving your reaction times and the ability to immerse yourself within that world.

EPOS has a long history of great innovative gaming headsets that always aim to provide players with the best experience. Their new GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds might be a far cry from the headsets we are used to but all the same it’s great that companies such as EPOS are starting to give gamers that bit more choice from the usual over the ear headphones.

EPOS GTW 270 wireless earbuds outside of their case
The EPOS GTW 270 earbuds are great quality

The GTW 270 earbuds look slick with their sleek compact bodies that fit securely in your ear. Although the back panel with the logo does add a slight bulk to the overall design but this doesn’t hinder how cool they look. The eartips feel really comfortable without being too invasive over long periods of gaming. They also come with three extra sets of ear tips to control your noise isolation.

They come with an IPX5 rating which means they are resistant to rain or sweat, but just don’t go swimming with them. Saying that, the GTW 270 definitely feels like it can double up as your exercise earbuds.

A closeup of a single EPOS GTW 270 earbud
The buds have a slick look to them

There is one tiny button on the left earpiece, this is used for all the controls such as playing music or accepting calls. All the controls are very simple to learn giving you extra authority over them. The button is rather small and can be hard to locate at times. There isn’t any way to adjust the volume via the actual earbuds, this isn’t a massive deal breaker but having to constantly go to the source especially during crucial gaming moments can be a killjoy. I just think that with most wireless earbuds having touch sensor capabilities it’s a real big miss for the GTW 270 as the extra customisation at your fingertips are much needed.

The charging case feels nice and compact and the aluminum encasing looks really premium. My only gripe is as beautiful as it looks, it feels like it will be easily scratched. The five LED lights are a nice addition to show the status of the ear phones. It also pairs the buds with Bluetooth devices which is a nice feature, however I feel the option to pair them without the case would suffice. The case and earbuds both look smart, but I wish there was a rubber casing to safeguard it from scuffs and scratches.

The Epos GTW 270 earbuds in their charging case
The battery life is impressive

The earbuds come with about 5 hours of battery life once fully charged with an extra 15 hours from the carry case, obviously it would be nice to get one or two more hours out of them especially as there are other cheaper earbuds that last for much longer. However 20 hours is a good amount meaning that they will be able go the distance in pretty much every situation.

The beauty of the GTW 270 buds is that they come with different connectivity options. The Bluetooth option works like a charm even during calls without dropping out and there wasn’t much lag when gaming on my phone. Using the low latency connection USB C dongle worked effortlessly on my Nintendo Switch. The sound quality was crisp and clear at different volumes. Using the dongle on my PS4 and PC was a bit hit and miss. I would have to use the extender to reposition so it didn’t cut out, but all in all it worked really well. They can also connect to multiple devices without forgetting ones they were previously paired to, which is a massive bonus.

A person playing a Nintendo Switch outdoors while using the EPOS GTW 270 earbuds
A practical option to use with your Switch on the go

One disadvantage and may be a possible deal breaker for some is that only the playback channel is available while connected through dongle. This means that there isn’t any voice chat on consoles which is a massive shame.

The audio quality is amazing, mainly using it on the Nintendo Switch for bass heavy games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimately, I felt really immersed with the world. The low latency connection that provides single-channel audio playback works amazing with audio sounding crystal clear while playing games or even listening to music. The frequency response works admirably giving some deep lows for impacts when playing fighters or actions games. You will be able to customise the EQ settings and make presets using the EPOS gaming suite. The Bluetooth microphone sounds pretty clear and great for using on the go.


Overall the GTW 270 is a great multipurpose earbud, especially for portable gaming on the go with the ability of utilising the low latency connection when you require it. The GTW 270 performs pretty well in most categories and it definitely fares well compared against its competitors. However considering this is aimed at the gaming market and you can’t use the mic while connected via the USB- C dongle this could potentially prove to be a deal breaker for some, especially given the price.

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds out now for £‌179