From the beginning of May, bonbon offers even bigger, better bundles, while the prices have remained the same. The new bundles are simpler, give more value for money, as well as many advantages. Since it is only human to compare, each user can easily find the best mobile offering for themselves. In addition to all of the above, two new internet bundles are offered specifically for users who like to surf a lot and need more gigabytes.

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Prepaid users and subscribers can choose between Small (300 minutes for 20 kunas), Medium (600 minutes for 35 kunas), and Large voice bundles (as much as 2,400 minutes for 50 kunas). When it comes to the internet, there are the Smallest 300MB for 10 kunas), Medium (4GB for 40 kunas), Large (6GB for 50 kunas), and Very large bundle (9GB for 70 kunas). A novelty is the new Very, very large internet bundle (12GB for only 90 kunas), especially for those who really like to surf a lot.

The new bonbon offering also includes entertainment options such as HBO GO for 40 kunas, then Deezer for 35 kunas, and a small SMS package (300 SMSs for 20 kunas). bonbon users can also choose between the so-called, ready-made combinations, i.e., Large combination (2,400 minutes, 300 SMSs, 6GB for 95 kunas) and Very large combination (2,400 minutes, 300 SMSs, 12GB for 110 kunas).

In addition to the above-mentioned packages, bonbon subscribers will be able to additionally choose the Super Large Internet bundle (20GB for 100 kunas), and a Very, very large combination (2,400 minutes, 300 SMSs, 40GB for 140 kunas). Also, in the Very large combination for subscribers, there is as much as 20 GB, which means that subscribers get 20 GB, 2400 minutes and 300 SMS messages for only 110 kunas. As a reminder, bonbon subscription has no contractual obligation.

“As a brand, bonbon is known for its simple and honest approach, and that is exactly what characterizes our new offering. We have listened carefully to what our customers need and are looking for, and we have tailored this offering according to their wishes. Along with various innovations, we have returned the ‘old’ bundle names, whose names perfectly reflect what we offer – better bundles with more benefits at the same price“, said Diego Perez Tenessa de Block, director of the mobile offer department.

With a new visual identity and a “It’s human to compare” campaign, bonbon has redesigned its app and website:


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