Former Real Madrid striker David Barral became the first football player in the world to be acquired with cryptocurrency, according to Inter Madrid’s Twitter page. More about DUX Internacional bitcoin bought below.

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Madrid’s DUX Internacional, representing the third-strongest division of the Segunda B, purchased 37-year-old David Barral from Racing Club for bitcoins.

Meanwhile, following the player’s move, a Spanish football news site quotes Barral, who is now aged 37, expressing his eagerness to continue playing for what will be his seventh club. Barral says:

I am happy to join this project, with desire, ambition and responsibility to continue competing and achieve important challenges in my sports career.

Furthermore, the news report also details Barral’s football journey prior to joining Dux International de Madrid. The report says in addition to playing for Real Madrid, Barral has also played for four other sides which are namely “Granada, Cádiz, Levante and Sporting.”

During his stint as a player in the Spanish’s top division, Barral played a total 221 games and 60 when he played in the second division. In total, Barral scored 53 goals, 46 when playing for Sporting and 7 when playing for Racing.

In the meantime, Barral’s crypto financed move, which was also announced on Twitter, sparked interest on the social media platform. For instance, some Twitter users like Mimy de Miguel wondered if Barral could also charge or receive payments in crypto. However, some crypto supporters were happy with the way the player’s acquisition was carried out.

Such a transaction became possible due to the fact that the sponsor of the club is the Criptan company, which allows you to buy cryptocurrency through a bank account or using a regular bank card. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. DUX Internacional bitcoin