Robots power a whole lot of things. Even the Air Force is exploring robotic guard dogs that are a nearly exact replication of the dystopian robot dogs from Black Mirror. However, robots do more than power weapons and creepy artificial intelligence. They’re the machines behind the factories that build many of our cars, the health offices of the future, and the farms that grow our food. For many, though, robotics is just pure fun. 

The WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Education Kit is a great way to explore this world of engineering while learning a thing or two. There are two versions of the kit: medium and advanced. The kits are pretty compact so that they’re easy to transport. They shouldn’t weigh more than a laptop. For a limited time, you can make a kit yours (or gift it to a robotics enthusiast) between $1,399.99 for an Educational Kit and  $1,539.99 for a Professional Kit. Those rates are each just under 10 percent off from the list prices. 

Neither of these kits is built for beginners—and definitely not for kids to operate alone—so be sure you check to see how they fit with what knowledge you already know. They are super hands-on, though. You’re bound to learn something when you sit down with one of these. Having sold in over 40 countries from around the world, the Mirobot is designed with a six-axis to help its functionality. That way, you get a sense of what robots do on the actual production line. WLKATA’s website has plenty of resources to help your education, too, including tutorials and source code. They also have a Github community that should help you make the most out of the kit.  

The kits offer a glimpse of the work that goes into constructing a vehicle or harvesting fruit from a tree. Explore the engineering world of robotics with one of these education kits from WLKATA. Buy the medium-level kit for $1,399.99 or the professional kit for $1,539.99, each 9 percent off its list price. 

Prices subject to change.