I find myself like (or rather do not mind) trying to fix something (such as glass door of the book case-quite challenging as it is large), to something small such as coffee maker or food cutter).  When something seems to have broken, I check the internet and whether this is something common or not.  In many cases, it is common and I can find how to fix it.

I have managed to fix Nutri bullet, which makes smoothie, a few times before, by pushing certain buttons etc.  This time, however, I was not able to fix it after I tried several times.  First problem was when I found that it smelled as if something was burning and I did not want to have fire, so I checked the website.  It lists several incidents of fire, and thus I bought replacement- a different make but with same functions available in Japan. (I bought my first Nutri bullet in NY and also bought replacement parts there a while ago.)

The new smaller model also had a burning smell, so I was using both original one and the new one.  Then, the  original one (which is quite big) stopped working.  I changed the blade part and also checked the website to  see whether I can fix it or not.  I found the website where the detailed instruction was given, but it seemed quite complicated.  I concluded that the base is broken as any blade does not work.  After trying for several hours to see whether I have any luck to fix it, I gave up.  I have used it every day for several years, so it may have come to the end of life.  It was not very nice to give up, but I thought there is so little chance I can fix it.

The next day, I misplaced my Airpod base while I went out grocery shopping.  I was listening to the podcast using AirPod, but when I came home, the base was missing.  I checked pockets of my jacket etc., but in vain.

Whenever I misplace something, I try to walk back exactly as I did, and ended up taking the same route, even asking the sales clerk at the drug store where I bought supplement.  Usually, this backtrack works, but this time, I had no luck.

Two days in a row of not succeeding was a bit disappointing to me and I felt discouraged. (With Covid-19 going on for such a long time, I was getting a bit depressed to start with.)

To my relief, however, I found my AirPod base in the pocket of the jacket I decided not to wear when I went for a walk.  You would not believe how happy I felt when I found it. After finding AirPod base, I felt empowered! and threw away the whole set of Nutri Bullet!  It left so much space on the countertop and cupboard! and I feel so free.

This is such a small incident, but it boosted my confidence. Whenever I misplace something and cannot find it, I wonder whether I am so absent-minded  (or something else more serious) and start losing confidence. Covid-19 restrictions of various kinds make anybody feel uneasy and a bit depressed, so this small incident of finding my AirPod base made my day.