Wokwi Arduino Simulator is a new project. It is just a year old baby. it has too much potential­čĺ¬. It is already powerful enough to take on the existing simulators. Wokwi has a very small community┬á. Wokwi Arduino Simulator is up-to-date too

TinkerCAD on the other hand is a strong simulator with powerful engines supporting both analog and logic ICs. Unfortunately, they stopped supporting new developments ­čśą, It has been a while since they have updated the Arduino simulator. This is the main weak point. TinkerCAD has a good community and more examples compared to Wokwi.

Wokwi Arduino Simulator wins­čĆć finally and TinkerCAD has many more areas to get stronger and be back in the game ­čŽż­čĹŹ

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