Global Technology Governance Summit organized by World Economic Forum and hosted by Japan is to start this week.  It will be held online as many other conferences and symposiums these days.  This the inaugural meeting under this title and it is organized with the centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution network.

The topics covered include

  • Industry Transformation: No industry has been untouched by the global response to COVID-19. The world can no longer operate as it has, and as such markets will have to respond to its new and evolving needs. To survive, every business in the world will have to become a technology company.
  • Government Transformation: The transformation of government will be front-and-center in the area of digital infrastructure as technology services become an essential public utility comparable to electricity, water, or roadways.
  • Global Technology Governance: The extent to which the benefits of technology are maximized, and the risks mitigated depends on the quality of governance protocols – policies, norms, standards, and incentives that shape the development and deployment of technologies.
  • Frontier Technologies: Embracing frontier technologies will be essential across all sectors. Technologies such as 3D printing can revolutionize supply chains, enabling mass customization and offering new pathways to increase the circularity of products. or halt environmental damage caused by climate change

Many conferences have been held one after another and majority are virtual online meetings.  It is easy to participate, and yet, there are so many that sometimes it is difficult to keep track.  One another issue is the time zone. Some of the meetings are scheduled for the US east coast time and/or European time zone.  Europe is easier to accommodate, but US east coast is almost impossible to participate real time.  What I usually do is to register and if some reason I can attend, I do, but most of the time, I watch video recordings after the event.  Now that the daylight saving time started in some areas, it is a bit confusing,  I believe some of the discussion at this meeting will be incorporated into the special annual meeting of WEF (the one usually held in Davos in January) held in Singapore in August.  I will NOT watch everything, (I have already selected the ones I am interested.) but to get the general perspectives and issues, it will help to follow.  Here is the general info.