I watched/listened to some of the sessions I set on my agenda at the Global Technology Governance Summit today.  It was organized by the World Economic Forum and hosted by Japan.  I signed up for several sessions I wanted to listen to such as “Shaping the Future of Data Economy, “Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence” “Building a National AI Strategy” and “Closing the Digital Divide.”.    As you can watch via zoom, it is rather easy to listen to, while doing other things.  I thought the Closing the Digital Divide” session was very interesting.

You can watch the video of overview here.

One effective way to follow this summit is that you listen to some you find interesting while doing other things, but read the summary later on.  By listening in, you get the flavor of the discussion and by reading the summary you can get the main points.  As it continues tomorrow, I may try this approach tomorrow.  (In fact, there are some other sessions scheduled later this evening JST. )  I suppose it is for those who join from other parts of the world.  Here is some information.