I heard the news that Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi decided to step down from the leadership role at Keidanren on Monday.  I was quite surprised as I had hoped that he was doing better. As I realized the significance of the news I  was quite discouraged, as I knew and respect his clear leadership for implementing variety of reforms including recruiting of students and promoting digital transformation. I have found that digital transformation, if it is done persistently with clear objective could actually transform the organization when I heard the presentation by the company which went through transformation a few days ago.

Now five days later, I have recovered and my spirit is back, as I find out that his illness can be treated (I happen to find the article that discusses the variety of treatment for this illness, when I visited my home doctor for blood test.)

I miss his aggressive(and yet low key and down to earth) leadership style, but health is much more important and I sincerely hope he would have good care.  I hope he will be back soon.