We are in the middle of an almost irreversible climate disaster and all scientists and experts agree that the only way to prevent a catastrophe from happening is to get everyone to pitch in, change our polluting habits and lead a greener life. The first thing we need to do is institute grand-scale changes in all major world industries, but you as an individual can also contribute to environmental protection. Here are some small changes you can implement in your life to give nature a fighting chance.

Ditch plastic cups and bags

Here’s an easy, affordable and effective change you can make: give up single-use plastic and replace it with reusable shopping totes, reusable water bottles and coffee cups and metal cutlery. Getting used to always carrying cups and bags with you might require some time, but once it becomes a habit, you will never go back to plastic.

Skip fast fashion to help the environment

How many times have you bought a cheap and trendy clothing item just to see it fall apart after few washes or get out of fashion after one season? Cheap man-made fabrics not only create waste but also harm the environment during their production processes. Forget about fast fashion and rely on high-quality timeless clothing items you can create hundreds of outfits without buying more unnecessary rags.

Switch to vaping

If you want to do the most for the environment, it’s best to stop smoking, but if you’re not ready to ditch this habit yet, you can give up tobacco and switch to vaping. All the different vape tools you have on the market contribute to smaller waste, don’t require deforestation and don’t produce smoke pollution. Tobacco plantations leave a huge carbon footprint and cigarette butts contain around 7,000 = toxins and chemicals that reach the soil and water. Vaping is much greener for the environment and better for your health.

Help the local wildlife

Construction sites, cities, parking lots and global deforestation destroyed hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat. So to help little useful animals, you can turn your lawn into a garden brimming with local flowers and weeds. Help the bees by planting open flowers like daffodils, foxgloves and honeysuckle so they have plenty of food at all times. If you’re lucky, you might even get a family of hedgehogs in your garden, so supplement their diet with foods like minced meat, crushed dog biscuits, sunflower, dried worms and cooked eggs. And if you add a little pond to your garden, you will not only attract frogs and birds but also create a serene atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Reduce meat consumption

Almost any human diet leaves an impact on the environment, especially diets that involve meat consumption. And if you’re not ready to give up meat and dairy yet, try to reduce the amount of animal products you eat. For instance, you can reduce the consumption of animal products to once a day or make one day in the week vegetarian requires very little effort, yet makes a big difference.

Hop on a bike

Did you know that just one car can produce almost 5 metric tons of carbon every year? But a bicycle produces zero pollution, so hop on one whenever you have the chance. Bikes are fuel by your legs, so they don’t produce any carbon dioxide directly. According to some research, if you leave your car at home and start pedaling, you can reduce your carbon footprint ten times! Also, you will be in much better physical form and reap many cardiovascular health benefits.

There are more than 7billion people on Earth right now and if each and every one of us made small everyday changes, we could change the world for the better forever. So, start acting now and help the world become a better place!