Today, April 12, began great news and almost finished with video series featuring Hideki Matsuyama at Masters 2021.  I was not watching live, and found that he won briefly through SNS.  I was too distracted with my own schedule for today and did not check details, except that I found out that Hideki won.  Then I received a note from my host parents in Charlottesville, VA which was full of excitement and congratulations.  They were watching Masters all afternoon and was totally excited and impressed. (I did not think they were golfers–I have so many golf friends outside of Japan, but my non-golfer host parents were the first people that let me know the great news.)

I also saw the note on SNS by Tom Watson congratulating Hideki.  Tom is my hero as I met many decades ago when he played the round with Japanese business executives. (I served as translator, but I was crazy about golf then, so it was such happy occasion.)  Tom is very kind to people and I was so impressed (he was already a big star after winning British Open.)  I also am reminded that Tom almost won the Masters (I believe) several years ago as the oldest person who win the championship.  (I was hoping that he would pull off, but he did not.)  So it brought back some memories about golf for me.

Hideki is still 29 years old and he has such great future. (He has been playing well for some time as one of the leading golfers and I had thought he was older than 29!)  It is so wonderful that young talent makes the history. We are all very excited and I am sure many young people are, too.