Hitman 3 includes a level that is a clear homage to murder-mystery stories from authors like Agatha Christie and the lady from Murder She Wrote. As part of this level, players can even have Agent 47 take on the role of a detective and solve a murder. It’s a dense stage that IO Interactive packed with a ton of detail. And one of those details is what appears like a reference to the 2019 murder-mystery blockbuster film Knives Out.

In the film, Don Johnson’s character throws an old baseball out of an office window. Other characters find the ball repeatedly throughout the film. But it also makes an appearance in Hitman 3 as an Easter egg that calls back to that movie.

Above: Knives out for Agent 47.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Just like Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc in Knives Out, players can find a baseball sitting in the grass outside of an office window in the Dartmoor mansion level in Hitman 3.

It’s just a fun little nod to Knives Out, I’m assuming. Especially since baseballs aren’t exactly endemic to British countryside manors.

No word yet on whether Don Johnson is sneaking around in Hitman 3, however.

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