ing is the fastest way to get things done, and PDF is one of the most popular document formats out there. A team will need to be able to seamlessly share, convert and email a document for effective planning and preparation of a project. Many small businesses need to be able to do this at little to no cost. Some of the more popular file sharing sites allow you to do this, but what if you need to edit, or use advanced conversion features for a PDF file?

There are not many products on the market that have this type of function at a doable price. PDF Publisher is an online only product that was created with everyone in mind. There are three main features that make this a powerful tool.

PDF Converter

Like most programs on the market that allow conversion from PDF to Word (docx, doc, rtf), Excel (csv), or Publisher (pptx, ppt), PDF Publisher also offers this service but the documents transfer seamlessly to other fil sharing programs, such as Google Docs and Dropbox. The conversion of the file is as close to the original layout as you can get, even for a complicated document.

Another great feature is the ability convert the PDFs back to the original format. There is no need to provide an email address or download any software to use the converter.

PDF Editor

With this feature, PDFs can be merged and edited, like in Adobe. This feature can also be used to create, password protect and share a document by email without having to save it to a desktop. This feature allows for much more efficiency in terms of time because anything that would need to be done to a PDF can all be done online using this tool without having to use precious hard drive space.

HTML Converter

A unique feature for PDF Publisher is the ability to convert webpages into a PDF format. When working in the HTML converter there is the capability to convert multiple webpages at once and then combine them into one document.

PDF Publisher does many of of the same things as Adobe for half the cost per month.  The basic plan allows you to to convert or edit ten documents, and html conversion basic options are always free. If you convert, edit and share the same document you only get charged $0.05, with premium plan, and the person you shared it with can edit this same document at no cost at all. There is also an unlimited plan for $6.95 per month. The entire program is online, with no need to register an email address, making it a unique program that has the potential to surpass it’s competitors.

In business, time is money. Being able to do everything you need all in one place, not take up space on your hard drive with a program or break the bank is pretty awesome.

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