Apple gave its Mail app a small facelift in 2020, but it remains quite limited in comparison with other available email rivals. But you can get a little more from Mail with a little perseverance thanks to Rules.

Here’s how to get Mail to deliver more.

What are Rules in Apple Mail?

Mail supports Rules that are automatically applied to incoming messages. These rules can automate such functions as message forwarding, archiving, and more.

There are some big limitations, however:

  • You can’t create rules on iOS devices.
  • While you can create rules on Macs, they will only be applied on that Mac.
  • To create a rule that works and syncs across your Macs and iOS devices you must make it at Unfortunately, this will only work with your iCloud mail.

None of these restrictions is ideal, but if you use iCloud mail in your business (or just want to create an automated system to capture any business-related messages that may slip through your home account in this WFH-age) rules may help.

Alternatives to Mail

There are many more sophisticated alternatives to Mail that manage to combine security and privacy with useful functionalit; three that may match the needs of an enterprise worker best include:

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