Tools and technology. They make up what a technology solution is, including how something is built, the resources it leverages, and the infrastructure it uses, such as databases, storage, compute, machine learning, analytics, etc.

Lately, I’m seeing a number of project failures that can be traced back to poor dev tool and technology selection. We’ve been dealing with this issue for years and should have figured it out by now. Why are things getting worse?

The reality is that things have changed out there. Those entering the dev, test, and deploy space recently have very little clue how to pick the tools and technology that will work the first time. In other words, how to reduce risk. 

Here some advice:

Avoid being too early or too late. Most of those in the world of development focus too much on the tools, platforms, and other technology first. I’ve seen a tool and/or technology chosen before the developers even knew what they were building and for what purpose.

On the contrary, some wait too long, only to find that some limitation they were unaware of will change a significant portion of the design. For example, the database originally targeted isn’t supported. 

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