I am usually quite healthy and full of energy.  However, I have realized that I am human, as I may have heat stroke or something else since late last night.

Reasons I can think of to explain my health condition are multiple.  I have been asked to comment almost every day on the article from Nikkei as expert for their new column called Nikkei THINK. I am also expected to comment on the news I find in the the  Newspicks as pro picker.  Both of them require quick action and I feel pressed for time these few days.

In addition, the hot and humid weather these few days does not help either.  (I get up at 5 am and  do daily workout including the jog at the nearby park.  (It is already quite hot before 7 am)  I rode on my bike yesterday around 2; 00 pm (hottest time of the day,  assume) as I needed to go to get air for my bike AND to pick up dividend at the post office.  I biked around the park, too, in the hot and humid weather.

It appears the combination of these rushed schedule and jog/ bike ride did it to me.  I had severe stomacache around midnight last night and could not sleep.  (I could not identify the source of my food poisoning? and thus just lay down.

This morning, I stayed away from my daily workout and joined the online board meeting (altogether almost 4 hours!).  I now realize that I AM human, who could suffer from heat stroke, etc.

I am glad that I am finished with work today (I had interview in addition to the board meeting!) and have nothing scheduled for three days starting  tomorrow..  I will try to get some rest …