As informed several times, we are hosting SINCA online Debate prep. session tomorrow might (May 2 at 8 pm) ,  I will go through what debate is, what skills you can develop by trying debate etc.

I personally think that debating is good to make arguments supporting and objecting the topic you choose open and transparent.  In fact, you can use it for simple topics such as,”Should I stay home during GW?” You can argue Yes or No for this current topic.

I think it is better if you can make the topic the one you yourself own, rather than general views/opinions.  If you are the one that is affected by the statement/action, you will try to exhaust reasons/benefits/costs etc. much better.

For example, we can think of the topic “Should I say in major cities like Tokyo? -if you live in major cities ” or “Should I move out from the major cities?”  We can also try “Should I change my career? -this could be relevant for those who work in travel/related industries, as this type of pandemic may emerge more in the future, hurting the international travel.”

We will discuss how to prepare debate and the actual process of debate.  (We plan to have full blown debate a week from tomorrow on two topics.–We still need more people to sign up, as we cannot do the first topic of “4-work-day week” as it stands now. (We have enough who registered for the second topic of “double/second job”.

If you are getting bored w Golden Week “holidays”, join us tomorrow by registering through this site.  We will sent zoom link tomorrow to those who register.   You might have seen my blog entry for the urgent topic we are now faced with.