Mobile application Kyiv Smart City, which has been used by residents of the Ukrainian capital city for topping up their electronic public transport tickets, is no longer operational. The press service of Smart City announced this on Facebook .
internat.sim card

The Kyiv Smart City application is no longer working. For us, this was the same surprise as for all Kievites. We also learned about this from the news,” the message says.

The Kyiv Smart City development team reported that they learned about the termination of the application from the news.

Now, to work with Kyiv Smart Card, you need to install a new application “Kyiv Digital”.

Our team has nothing to do with the development and implementation of the new application” Kiev Digital “, but we could not help but notice the similarities in design and interface between them.

After installing the new application, the data on all trips and QR tickets should be automatically pulled up. You can log in to the system by phone number, after which the application will offer to scan the KyivSmartCard barcode or enter the number manually, as well as enter a four-digit pincode located to the right of the barcode.

The press service of Kyiv Smart City added that the KyivSmartCity application is not a product of an individual individual – the development and further implementation took place at the city level for budgetary funds. The application has always been on the balance sheet of the city.

Also, KyivSmartCity noted that all personal data and user bases are also stored on the city’s balance sheet and “the Kyiv Smart City team and its coordinators had nothing to do with their storage and processing.”

The developer of the new application is the Municipal Enterprise of the city GIVTs, “which was not afraid to demolish the KyivSmartCity application without warning users,” borrow “its interface and write on our behalf in the application an absolutely incorrect” farewell message “to users.

KyivSmartCity stressed that they have nothing to do with the new application. “That is why, in case of any questions, we recommend that you contact KP” GIVTs “to clarify the situation with personal data.”

KyivSmartCity launched the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Kyiv City State Administration in 2019. It included the following options: buying QR-tickets for public transport, replenishing and tracking trips using an electronic Kyiv Smart Card, paying utility bills, parking and returning an evacuated car, as well as a billboard of city events.