Link3D has announced the launch of an IoT platform designed to enable direct interaction with additive manufacturing machines to automate quality management systems and derive insights from sensor data.

The AMWatch is connected to Link3D’s MES platform and provides real-time machine updates to allow users to make better production decisions. Operators will be able to monitor the progress of builds remotely, while the data retrieved from the machinery will help them to identify manufacturing anomalies and trends that may impact the quality of output.

Link3D says the real-time data repository represents the backbone of quality system analytics, allowing users to better understand the root causes of part defects and increase speed-to-market. Users have visibility of environmental conditions in real-time, can carry out predictive analytics with an aggregation of data across technology platforms, and have historical build and production information to allow for statistical process control. These capabilities can benefit all users of additive manufacturing, but especially those with qualified and certified workflows.

“At Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, 3D printer connectivity is a foundational tool enabling the real-time management of production requirements locally and across the enterprise,” commented Christopher Wiegman, Digital Transformation Engineering Manager at Sikorsky. “The ability to have real-time insight into and management of current production print queues is critical to meeting our customer objectives. The local and centralised enterprise dashboards with Lockheed Martin’s Intelligent Factory Framework and Link3D’s machine connectivity allows utilisations management of Lockheed Martin’s extensive additive investment.”

“AMWatch can improve visibility to the additive production environment and provide more robust analytics for real-time decision making – ultimately leading to improved manufacturing yield rates, quality systems and machine utilisation,” added Link3D co-founder and CTO Vishal Singh. “Link3D’s new product will enable organisations to establish the foundation of a data-driven additive manufacturing ecosystem.”

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