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If you’re looking for a Raleigh electrician to become your dedicated professional for electrical installation and repair, there are a few things you should consider.  When hiring a Raleigh electrician, it is crucial that you do your research. While you could hire the first electrician that you come across online, it’s best to do some digging. That’s because electricians should be highly qualified professionals with the expertise required for the job. Electrical work can be complicated and an amateur just won’t cut it.

Before hiring an electrician to work on your home or business, you need to know their qualifications by asking the right questions. Choosing the wrong electrician or trusting an unqualified amateur for the job can lead to a host of problems including:

  • Injury: Believe it or not, electrical shock has been and is one of the leading causes of fatalities and on-the-job injuries among construction workers. When an electrician isn’t highly qualified, properly trained, and utilizing the right equipment, the risk of injury is much higher.
  • Property Damage: Whenever working with electrical wiring, there is a risk of damaging appliances or melting wires that are hidden behind walls. In the worst-case scenario, an unreliable electrician can cause extensive property damage that you or your company could be held liable for. This is why you need to always work with an electrician that is licensed, insured, and experienced in their craft.
  • Nullified Property Insurance: If you are hiring an electrician for commercial work for your business, there’s something you should know about the risk of hiring an amateur. Any good commercial property owner or business owner will have at least a minimum amount of property insurance. Unfortunately, there are often terms of an insurance policy, and allowing an amateur to attempt complicated electrical work can lead to a loss of coverage from your property insurance company.

Things To Consider When Looking for a Raleigh Electrician

Now that you’re looking for a Raleigh electrician, you need to search with a few important things in mind. As licensed, insured, and highly experienced local electricians, our professionals here at Right Electrical Services, LLC have a full list of all of the considerations you should make before hiring.

Experience and Qualifications

The first thing you need to research when looking for a Raleigh electrician is the experience and qualifications of any potential candidate. Before hiring an electrician, it is key that you check to see if they have the required qualifications and experience needed for the task at hand. You should only hire a Raleigh electrician that can prove to you that they have the training, knowledge, and credentials required for the job.

We live in a highly digital age where nearly every appliance in our homes and businesses is operated by electricity and we depend on those appliances to function efficiently. That’s why a trained hand is required. You don’t want an amateur to handle an electrical problem in your home and mess up the wiring, potentially causing extensive property damage and costing you thousands. Always make sure that the Raleigh electrician that you choose has adequate experience and has been operating for at least a few years.

Value For the Money

Another thing to consider when looking for a Raleigh electrician is the value they offer for your hard-earned money. When it comes to any type of home renovation, whether it be construction or electrical work, it is crucial that you outline precisely what you need. You should directly state the type of material and fittings you require for the job, for example, and choose them yourself. Have the electrician in question give you a price quote based on these specifications with all the expenses incurred. Make sure to have all of the information you need regarding pricing upfront. After all, you wouldn’t want to be hit with a few hundred dollars of hidden charges you didn’t know about.

In order to determine whether or not a Raleigh electrician is worthy of your money, you need to know pricing before work is ever performed. That being said, value for money should never be your sole determining factor of whether or not to hire a Raleigh electrician– there are still other important things to consider.


Licensing and proof of insurance are essential factors to consider when looking for a Raleigh electrician. These factors should always be your top consideration when hiring an electrician. If an electrician or electrical service is who they say they are and have the experience needed for the job, they’ll have an authentic and valid license for you to review yourself. It’s also a really good idea to ask for any copies of current policies for all necessary insurances before having an electrician perform any work in your home or business. Always protect yourself first- you may be sorry later if you don’t!

Communication Skills

Another important thing to consider when hiring a Raleigh electrician is thorough communication skills. When it comes to complicated electrical work, you should always choose an electrician that demonstrates good communication skills. This will ensure that everything is laid out clearly in the client/contractor contract. If your electrician doesn’t have good communication skills, things could easily be lost in translation and you may not be happy with electrical work performed on a long-term basis. An electrician that you can trust with your home or business is one that can communicate with you clearly.

Customer Reviews

Finally, when looking for a Raleigh electrician, it’s a really good idea to look at previous customer reviews for any company you are considering hiring. Customer reviews and recommendations will give you a better idea of who you’re dealing with and what you can expect from their work.

Customer reviews can also save you a ton of trouble as you’ll likely come across negative reviews detailing poor workmanship or an unpolite attitude if an electrician isn’t all that they claim to be. Want to see customer reviews that prove why Right Electrical Services, LLC is the best electrician in Raleigh? Check out our reviews here!

Questions to Ask a Potential Raleigh Electrician

Now that you know some of the key things to consider when looking for a Raleigh electrician, we wanted to include some specific questions that you should always ask before hiring. Make sure that a potential electrician is able to answer all of these questions in detail to find a reputable professional for your home or business’s electrical needs!

  1. Who is going to be performing the work?
  2. What kind of warranty do you offer on your work?
  3. How many years of experience do you have?
  4. Are you up to date with the National Electrical Code?

Looking for a Raleigh Electrician That You Can Count On? Look No Further!

Hiring an electrician that you can truly count on is important and can save you time, money, and a serious headache. Right Electrical Services, LLC is made up of a team of licensed, insured, and experienced electricians with years of experience. We treat our customers as our own families and will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with our electrical work not just on a short-term basis but for years to come!

If you require electrical installation or electrical repair for your home or business, give us a call today at (919) 359-1017. You can also request service online using our Request Service tool. We’ll be happy to help!