Here is the preview of our next SINCA session scheduled for Sunday, May 30.  We will try some new initiatives–1) inviting people from University of Technology Sydney and try online discussion, and 2) discussion on Space Age.  We are privileged to have Professor Joshua Chou of University of Sydney as our guest.  He is doing very interesting research on cancer in the space.  Here is some info. on his research.  We will start at 8 pm as usual.

We wanted to involve non-Japanese people at our SINCA session and are able to involve him and his students in Sydney where there is little time difference between Tokyo.  We expect some of his students join us during discussion.

Many of you may be familiar with the recent big get-together at  ISS (see photo on the left) and Chinese launch of international space station whose debris came down very recently.

The topic we would like to discuss is:

The New Space Economy: Are you ready?

The new space age has finally arrived and every country on Earth has ambitious plans for the new space economy.

The privatization of space has sparked a new era of space technologies that is bolder and ever more inspiring. Space technologies directly impact our everyday life from satellites to healthcare to scientific advancements.

With space travel and tourism just over the horizon, the question is, are you ready for the new space age ?

Are you willing to risk your life to explore other planets? or are you willing to live up in space ? How has or will the new space age affect your life ?

  We will set up facebook event page and peatix for registration soon, so stay tuned.