Microsoft today unveiled its employee-experience platform, Viva, which the company calls a digital “gateway” for employees to access relevant news, learning, analytics, and knowledge within their organization.

Four Viva “modules” — Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics — will become available in Teams on a staggered basis over the next few months, Microsoft said, leveraging existing capabilities within the Microsoft 365 portfolio, including SharePoint and analytics tools.

The platform is also designed to provide managers and leaders better insights into the well-being and performance of workers, the company said.

“Today we are bringing together collaboration, learning and well-being, in order to create a complete new product category: [the] employee experience platform or EXP,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a pre-recorded briefing ahead of the announcement.

Just as enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications connected accounting and finance to core business operations three decades ago, businesses are now seeking similar alignment with employee-facing systems, Nadella said.

“We believe the same paradigm shift that happened with ERP then will happen with EXP today,” he said. “People operations will no longer be limited to HR, but will be integrated across every aspect of the business in order to improve the overall health and resilience of the organization.

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