I feel I am out of light PTSD after the fall off the bike, then another psychological/mental stress? syndrome came to my mind.  I know many people may suffer from  mild depression due to Covid-19,  now that it has been over a year that we are under this condition.

I personally think it is natural that we feel somewhat stressed out, not being able to move around, get together etc.

Aside from Covid-19, Feb. March is the time of the year I sometimes find myself a bit depressed.  In my case, whenever I notice following symptoms in myself, I try to be careful, as  it is a start of mild depression.

Symptoms are 1) not able to concentrate 2) not able to make decision  even for small things 3) lose/misplace things  and not able to find it   These symptoms lead to loss of confidence and of self esteem.  Once this starts, depression gets deeper.

I identified this pattern and whenever I find myself with  any of the symptoms, I try to find something good in what I do,  For example, I make every effort to find something I lost/misplaced.  If I can find it (usually I can), I say to myself that something good happened to me.

Making a list is another way I escape from mild depression.  I list good things that happened to me and/or I did in previous few months.  When I feel a bit depressed, I tend to see negative/not good things in almost anything,

So I force myself to recall what good I have experienced. I often find there are some good things such as I become friends with the young children and their parents who live in the same apartment and we always say Hello

every morning,  This encounter every morning brighten up my mind.  It is just a matter of how you can switch from negative mode to positive and the more events you can recall, the better.  It requires a bit of mind shift, but

it can be done.  In addition, it is always better to do something rather than wait.  (i.e. Do not follow what the Japanese government tends to do…. hahaha!)