One of my favorite podcast I listen to every day is Fresh Air on NPR.  This is the show with interview Terry Gross does with guest, and brief review of books/movies/albums etc.  As they broadcast every day, the guests featured are related to the current topics etc.  Sometimes they include artists who are nominated, awarded some prize etc.  Journalists, academics and experts in certain current topics also are featured.

Today’s guest was Jon Batiste, artist-pianist, composer, band leader etc.  He leads band on Late Show with Stephen Colbert (one of my favorite late shows) and participated in the pop up show  “We are ” and was involved with the movie Soulful world.   As almost always with the artist guest, he plays piano from the album during the show and explains the background/story behind the pieces he plays.

I like his style very much, and now that I know more about his interest and activities.  I am impressed even more with his artistic talent You can listen to the show here.