New Firefox version fixes Linux crashes, Apple Silicon hangs

Mozilla today started rolling out Firefox 86.0.1 to address a known bug causing the web browser to crash frequently when launched on Linux systems.

While this issue came with a low crash rate on previous Firefox versions, Linux users have started seeing more and more crashes after updating to Firefox 86 last month.

According to Mozilla’s software engineers, the startup crashes happen on Linux systems where users have an invalid color profile due to a bug in Mozilla’s color management implementation.

Firefox 86.0.1 also fixes another issue impacting Apple Silicon Macs that caused Firefox to be unresponsive after waking the system from sleep or unlocking the screen.

Other known issues addressed in this version include bugs causing windows to lose or gain focus unexpectedly and “unexpected behavior with extensions managing tab groups.”

Firefox 86.0.1

You can download a Firefox 86.0.1 installer from the following links:

If the links above haven’t yet been updated to direct to the latest Firefox version, you can download the browser installer from Mozilla’s official release directory.

Blocks user tracking cookies

Firefox 86, the previous version, got a privacy boost with the addition of Total Cookie Protection, a new privacy feature preventing web trackers from keeping tabs on your web browsing activity.

Mozilla also added supercookie protection to Firefox 85 to block hidden trackers from monitoring users while browsing the web.

“In combination with the Supercookie Protections we announced last month, Total Cookie Protection provides comprehensive partitioning of cookies and other site data between websites in Firefox,” Mozilla explains.

“Together these features prevent websites from being able to ‘tag’ your browser, thereby eliminating the most pervasive cross-site tracking technique.”

Firefox 86 also improved stability and performance by moving WebGL and canvas drawing to the GPU process.