Quick—what’s something you can do to release some energy, redirect your mind, and get some enjoyment out of this extended family time? Ways to get out for some outdoor exercise activities for the entire family.


Play is essential for development at all ages. Our brains need to play to creatively respond to problems. There’s no greater time than now to get in some daily activity by playing as a family. When we stop playing, we stop developing. In light of COVID-19, let’s play and make the most of it by:

  • Releasing endorphins
  • Getting some Vitamin D
  • Finding creative ways to get exercise in as a family

Here are some outdoor exercise Activities for the entire family!

  1. Have a Family field day—Create an obstacle course using items you have at home. The first family member to reach the end of the obstacle course wins a prize.
  2. Play I-SPY on a hike through your neighborhood. Notice trees, do they have new buds signaling spring? How many bluebonnets flowers can you count on your walk?
  3. Do Family hopscotch—Calling all family artists, here’s your chance to draw with chalk. Create a hopscotch path on your driveway and take turns hopping.
  4. Have a Backyard dance party—Crank up the music on your phone, form a soul-train line and have each family member show their best moves.
  5. Go on a family bike ride—Take a challenging hill and celebrate making it to the top.
  6. Play Hide n Seek—Find your favorite hiding spots and take turns finding each other.
  7. Go on a treasure hunt—With a little pre-planning, hide a few toys, and encourage your family to find items. The first person with the most items wins.
  8. Play a game of Horse—Have a basketball goal around? If not, use a waste basket to shoot hoops like a professional
  9. Do Family yoga on the lawn— Use your yoga mat or lay some blankets on the grass, model a few poses, stream a low impact yoga video, and practice finding your calm.
  10. Have a Bubble party—Get out those bubble packs, and twirl around to create bubbles, having your littles run through bubbles will definitely cause giggles.

At the end of this outdoor exercise experience, let’s remember the memories created during the extra time of togetherness. Take photos during each activity, laugh, smile, and release stress.

A family that plays together stays together!

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