[Ruvin Kub] likes magnets, a lot. Most of his projects feature some sort of magnet and his PC board agitation bath is no exception. You can see a video about the device, below. We’ll admit our Russian is pretty rusty, but if you ask YouTube nicely it will translate the Russian subtitles into whatever language you like.

One of the things we liked about the video was that he uses hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, and salt as an etchant. We’ve seen the same mix with vinegar or muriatic acid instead of citric acid. We aren’t sure what the actual  translation is about why he doesn’t like ferric chloride, but YouTube says, “she’s too gloomy for my light souls.”

There are a few translation glitches, but overall the design is straightforward. A motor moves a little see saw in the base with magnets that repel similar magnets in the tank. In that way, the electronics are isolated from the liquid. The whole affair runs on a rechargeable battery.

As a bonus, in the end, there’s a brief tutorial on making a board with toner transfer along with comparing the time to etch the board with agitation and without. Like a Tootsie Roll Pop, he finally got tired of waiting for the non-agitated board and finished it with agitation. The test board that started in the bath had been done for a long time.

If you want to try different etching solutions, we’ve asked people to share their favorites. Or, just break out that CNC machine.