The fact that padel, above all, is a team game makes it extra fun, and it’s a perfect way to socialize. Gather your friends, colleagues, or family, pack your training bag, and head to one of Stockholm’s padel courts. Everyone can practice this sport – from children to seniors – and it’s easy to get started. You don’t need to have experience in racket sports, and it’s possible to play and have fun even if you are at different levels.

What is padel?

For beginners, this popular form of exercise, also called padel tennis, can best be described as a mix of tennis and squash. The sport comes from Mexico, and the court is designed as a miniature tennis court with dimensions 10 x 20 meters. The paddle court, which usually has artificial grass, is enclosed by 4-meter high glass and metal mesh walls that can be used in the game in the same way as when you play squash. Padel is usually played in doubles with four players, but also in singles (in singles, the court is smaller).

A padel racquet doesn’t consist of strings like the tennis and squash rackets but is more like a thicker beach tennis racket. It’s made of a hard composite material where holes perforate the hitting surface. With these shorter solid bats, you don’t get the same force when you hit the ball, and it becomes easier for the opponent to catch it. In this way, there’ll be more long great ball duels, even between beginners, and you can maximize the playing time in a completely different way than in, for example, tennis. The ball is almost the same as a tennis ball, but a little smaller and softer. Scoring is the same as tennis.