New York-based 3D printing service provider PrintParts has announced the addition of eight EnvisionTEC Envision One cDLM Mechanical additive manufacturing platforms.

PrintParts believes the investment in the Envision One systems will significantly bolster its production capacity and allow customers to scale their applications. The company worked with EnvisionTEC and its Envision One technology when providing the New York City Government with more than a million nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs as its prime contractor for COVID-19 supplies last year.  

Founded in 2016, PrintParts has developed expertise in delivering short run production services for a range of industries that include automotive, aerospace, robotics and medical devices. In meeting the critical need for COVID-19 testing swabs last year, the company harnessed the Envision One systems to support the production of over 1.5 million NP swabs. The Envision One Mechanical system boasts a build volume of 180 x 101 x 175 mm, a build speed of up to 45 mm/hour and a promise of delivering ‘super smooth models, the highest accuracy in the Z dimension and superior stability during the build process.’

With one of the largest service bureau installations of the Envision One platform in the world, PrintParts is looking to leverage the technology to support other customer applications. Initially, PrintParts will be able to produce components in E-RigidForm, a polyurethane-like resin with good heat deflection and a high tensile strength of 68-73 MPa; Loctite E-3840, a semi-rigid acrylic liquid resin used for prototyping with fine print resolution; the E-Guide Soft, a medical-grade flexible material designed to produce end-use parts with functional performance, complex geometries and fine feature sizes; and E-Clear, a liquid photopolymer for strong, tough and water-resistant parts. More materials will be added to PrintParts offering later this year.

“We worked closely with EnvisionTEC as we developed our production strategy and we selected the Envision One Systems to expand our capacity to keep up with the high demand for NP swabs,” commented PrintParts founder & CEO Robert Haleluk. “Moving forward, we are excited to apply this capacity to help our customers scale their additive manufacturing production with an amazing selection of industrial-grade materials from EnvisionTEC and Henkel.”

EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani offered: “We were happy to support PrintParts during 2020 as we jointly addressed the critical need for COVID testing supplies in NYC. Our range of materials is constantly expanding as we continue to add new engineering and production offerings to unlock high-volume manufacturing applications and we look forward to working with PrintParts to provide these materials to their customers.”

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