Today I felt that I may have PTSD -post traumatic stress disorder just briefly.  This is the second time I felt.  Today’s was when I rode on bike at the park.  I felt unusual worry? when I was riding.  About  week ago, I fell off bike  while I was riding at the park.  It was not too bad, given that I was thrown off from my bike.  All I had was bruise here and there. I still feel a bit of pain when I try to hold myself with my right elbow.  It appeared it was more psychological rather than physical.

The last time I had same feeling was after I walked into the glass door and broke my nose about a year and a half ago.  It was so much bleeding and I was simply shocked to see so much blood.  I was fortunate there was no fractures and I look fine.  For several days, though, when I saw the big glass window/door, I felt so scared.  I thought this must have been PTSD!

These two incidents of PTSD are not serious, but I thought psychological/mental stress is much more than physical one.