Today, February 6 is my late husband’s birthday. Rather than the day he left us, I want to remember the day he came to life and thus celebrate his birthday.

He would have been 80 years old! if he were still with us.  I miss him very much and wish he were with me, protecting and caring for me.  As Covid-19 makes all of us feel isolated and lonely, I often think of him lately, wishing he were with me, just listening to what I have in mind.

I also lost my Dad in early September last year and when I read the column(in Japanese) on Nihon Keizai Shimbun evening edition entitled “With sorrow–Topic for tomorrow” by Madoka Mayuzumi this evening I cried. She talks about her father’s passing in September and how sad and lost she has been.  My Dad’s situation is quite different from her father’s, but how she describes her sorrow reminds me of my own.

I am usually optimistic and look forward to tomorrow and future with positive mindset.  Sometimes, however,  I feel very lost and long for the warmth and love of the people I loved and lost.