Removal Notice: On February 7th, 2021, BleepingComputer published an article on a potential security issue impacting Signal’s proposed temporary censorship workaround.

Since then, we have received reports disputing parts of the story.

The original report from the researchers of this alleged security issue was published publicly on GitHub, where it was removed by Signal. BleepingComputer has learned that this was not done to suppress the discussion but because it was posted in the wrong place. 

Discussions on such matters are meant to take place on Signal’s community forum.

Readers have also stated the discussion did not happen in a respectful manner and violated Signal’s code of conduct.

The researchers later reposted the details from the original issue in a separate GitHub repository, but because the original GitHub issue was removed and isn’t archived, we are not able to confirm the authenticity of this post.

Furthermore, we have been told that the alleged security vulnerability is not an actual vulnerability in Signal’s proxy implementation.

Signal’s founder, Moxie Marlinspike also tweeted multiple times [1, 2, 3] disputing the alleged security issue, and as to why the researchers’ GitHub issues were removed.

Due to the conflicting information BleepingComputer has received, we have removed our original article.